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1. Over-charge protection

2. Standard mini USB port

3. High-efficient charging

4. High-brightness LED flashlights

5. The durability of LED flashlights: 30 hours, facilitate night-travel or emergent use

6. Energy saving and environment protection

7. Multifunctional LED-indicator, indicates the charging mode and show the battery capacity

8. High-efficient charging

9. High conversion rate


1. Specifications for salar panels :5.5V  150mA, power up to 0.8W.

2. The built in rechargeable lithium battery ( 2600mA ).

3. Output voltage : 6.5v .

4. Output current :400-800mA.

5. Charging time for built-in battery is 10-15 hours (depend on light intensity and battery capacity), by computer USB port or AC adapter,charging time is about 3-5 hours.

6. This solar charger applies to all UOVision cameras and almost other digital products.

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